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Yellow Headed Gecko Care Sheet

Scientific Name: Gonatodes fuscus

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Estimated Size: 3" to 4"
Natural Location: Southern Florida and Cuba

Distribution Map

Map of Frilled Dragon Natural Habitat
Captive Care Information

Food & Water

The Yellow Headed Gecko primarily eats insects. Mix up their diet, providing crickets, mealworms, small silkworms, flies and other small insects. They will sometimes also eat fruit. Mash the fruit into a liquid first though. Always gut-load and dust your insects with a vitamin supplement. Mist the enclosure several times a day for water.

Lighting, Temperature & Humidity

These Geckos need a moderate humidity level between 50% - 60%. Misting of the enclosure should achieve this level. They need a small heat gradient ranging from 77 degrees F to 85 degrees F in the basking spot. Drop the night time temperature to 75 degrees F. It is recommended to use a heat-pad on the bottom of the enclosure. Provide full spectrum UVB flourescent lighting, along with an incandescent bulb for the heat.


Use a minimum of a 24" x 18" x 18" glass aquarium for a Yellow Headed Gecko. You must include a lot of plant life, real or fake. Use bark or peat moss for the subtrate, with a lot of branches and hiding spots.


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