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Crested Gecko

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The Crested Gecko is becoming one of the world's most popular geckos to keep. They are naturally endemic to New Caledonia, where they have divided into three seperate populations. You will see many different colors in a community of Crested Geckos. Gray and brown to red and yellow are common. The different colors may also cause varies markings from gecko to gecko.

The Crested Gecko is also known as the Eyelash Gecko due to the hair-like spikes above their lidless eyes. They have a crest running down both sides of their bodies from their eyes down to their tails. Their legs and toes are webbed and setae (small hairs) cover their toes and the tip of their tails. The setae are are actually hundreds of microscopic spatulae, which help the Crested Gecko climb on smooth surfaces.

The Crested Gecko is arboreal and nocturnal and stays true to their nature by living mostly in tree tops and being active at night. During the day they leave the trees or move closer to the ground to sleep. They are omnivorous and eat a varied diet of insects, fruit, and other small berries.

For information on keeping the Crested Gecko as a pet, read our Crested Gecko Care Sheet.

To see what a Crested Gecko looks like, take a look at these Crested Gecko Pictures.


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