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Vitamins & Minerals

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It is imperative that lizards receive needed vitamins. In the wild, they get this naturally through the variety of foods, both animal and vegetable, and natural sunlight. In the terrarium however, they lack the wide variety of food, and the sunlight. You must add vitamins and minerals to the food you give your lizards. You can do this by purchasing either a Vitamin Dust, or Vitamin Spray from your local pet store.


Calcium is one of the most important vitamins for your lizard. It is essential for bone growth and development. Without it, your lizards bones will not develop properly, and they will not be able to stand, walk, or climb. Calcium should be offered with every meal for hatchlings and juveniles, and once every other day for adults.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A keeps the lizards skin and glands healthy and functioning. It is also important for the development and upkeep of their vision. Along with these specific benefits, Vitamin A helps the lizard grow, strengthens their immune system, and increases the fertility of females.

Vitamin B

This vitamin is imperative, as it aids in the breakdown of plant and animal protein to a level which the body of the lizard can use. It also increases metabolism.

Vitamin C

Diseases are obviously a must to avoid. Vitamin C helps build up natural defenses and fight sickness and disease.

Vitamin D

The growth and development of bones rely on the Vitamins from the D group.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps the growth and development of muscle tissue.

Vitamin K

This vitamin builds up natural blood clotting agents.

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