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Waxworm Care Sheet

Scientific Name: Galleria mellonella (Wax Moth; larval stage)

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Waxworms are a great 'snack food' for lizards. We say 'snack food' because waxworms are very high in fat content, and should be offered very sparingly. They have a light tan coloured, very soft body, with a tiny brown head. These worms are excellent feeder insects for malnourished animals. They should not be fed to baby lizards in quantity, and should only be offered a few times a week, and only one or two at a time.


Natural Location: Australia
Estimated Size: 3/4" to 1"

Nutritional Information

Moisture 60.97 %
Ash 0.97 %
Protein 15.40 %
Fat 20.12 %
Calories/Fat 181.08
Calcium (ml/100 grs) 13.14

Food & Water

If you keep your waxworms in the refrigerator, they do not need to be fed anything. The hibernative state slows their metabolism and negates any need for food. Like the food, waxworms will not need any water when in their hibernative state.

Lighting, Temperature & Humidity

5 - 10 degrees C in your refrigerator.



Keep your waxworms in a plastic container, with an organic substrate, like oat meal or wheat bran. Place the container in the refrigerator, but make sure they will be dry. Once in a while, check the worms. If the substrate is damp, change the it right away. Damp substrate will lead to mould forming. They can survive anywhere from 1 to 4 months in a hibernative state.


Disease & Sickness

The main point to pay attention to is the dampness of the subtrate the worms are kept in. You want to avoid mould growing in the container. Mould can lead to problems if digested by your lizard. If substrate becomes damp, change it immediatly. Make sure to take out any black ones, they are dead, and can cause the others to become diseased.

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