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Cuban Knight Anole Caresheet

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Originally from Cuba, but now spread to the USA, the Cuban Knight Anole (Anolis equestris) is the largest of all anole species. They are also known as just Knight Anole, or somtimes mistakingly as Night Anole.

Take a look at some pictures of the Cuban Knight Anole.

To learn more about the Cuban Knight Anole in their natural habitat, read about the Cuban Knight Anole In The Wild.


Distribution Map

cuban night anole range map

Captive Care Information


Food & Water

The Knight Anole will eat feeder insects: crickets, mealworms, waxworms, butterworms (teboworms), flies, and sometimes even earthworms. Make sure to dust, or gut load, your insects with a calcium/multi-vitamin supplement. Provide your insects with some fruit as well, as the natural vitamins found in the fruit will also help your Knight Anole. These lizards have also been known to eat fruit from time to time. You could try leaving a bit of fruit baby food on a dish as well.

Mist the enclosure twice a day, as they will drink the mist off the leaves. You can also use a drip system. Some may even learn to drink from a shallow dish. If you do include one, make sure the dish is very heavy, and shallow, to avoid injury. If it is light, your Knight Anole could flip the dish onto itself and possibly be hurt. It is extremely important to wash the dish and provide clean water every day.

Lighting, Temperature & Humidity

Keep the temperature during the day around 83 to 90 degrees F. At night, you can reduce the temperature to 75 to 80 degrees F. The Knight Anole lives in warm temperatures year round, and do not tolerate the cold. Do not let the temperatures drop below 75 degrees F. A broad-spectrum heat bulb and full-spectrum fluorescent lighting should be provided to obtain the proper temperatures and vitamin intake.

Keep the humidity around 80 - 90% as Knight Anoles come from semi-humid areas.


Knight Anoles prefer to climb, and they usually do when threatened. Give them a large habitat, preferably higher than wide. A 2' wide x 2' deep x 4' high enclosure would do nicely. Make sure to include many items for your Knight Anole to climb on and over.

Use a fully digestible substrate, as they will sometimes consume parts of the ground while hunting insects. If they cannot digest the ground material, it may lead to impaction. If you provide a fully screened enclosure, they will climb on the walls as well.

Never house two Knight Anole's together. These lizards are extremely territorial and hostile. Putting them together will cause undue stress, which may lead to health complications. They will also fight each other.


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