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Southeastern Five-lined Skink

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The Southeastern Five-lined Skink (Eumeces inexpectatus) is native to the southeastern areas of the United States of America. Their conservation status is unknown at this point as they have yet to be evaluated by the IUCN.

The Southeastern Five-lined Skink grow to lengths of 8.5 inches and can be distinguished by the five-lines they sport, as their name suggests. These lines run down their back from their head to their tail. When young, these skinks are a bluish color, and these stripes tend to be orangish-red near the head and fade to black-dark blue the rest of the way. As the Southeastern Five-lined Skink ages, their color and stripes tend to fade to a brownish color. The middle stripe is narrower than the stripes on either side. Juveniles also have a purple colored tail which darkens with age.

Diurnal and terrestrial, the Southeastern Five-lined Skink commonly inhabits both damp and dry wooded areas, and areas with a lot of dead leaf and tree litter. Small islands off the southeastern coast are also home to this skink. Their primary food source is insects, and they hunt for larger ones like crickets, grasshoppers or cockroaches first.

An oviparous species, the Southern Five-lined Skink lays eggs in clutches of 6 to 12. The female Southern Five-lined Skink protects the eggs, which hatch about 1 month later.

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